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About Me

My name is Jim Reed, and as a Wisconsin man born and raised, I love just about everything this state has to offer. From wildlife to delicious food and restaurants, there’s so much to explore. As a professional limousine driver, I’ve traversed Wisconsin and Illinois for weddings, birthdays, and all other types of special occasions. I love my job and the ability to drive across Highway 83 exploring Wisconsin and Illinois’ local treasures. Like the Fox and Hounds restaurant and the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum.

I’ve decided use this blog as a travel journal in which I’ll share all about the various destinations that come across my path. Since most of my routes take me along Highway 83, you’ll see a lot of local businesses popping up. I’ll also give helpful advice about local limousine companies. I’ll include tips on renting limos and what to look for when hiring a limo company.

If you have any specific restaurants, museums, or exhibits along Highways 83 that your curios about, feel free to send a message through my contact page. Who knows, your recommendation, may just turn into my clients next date night out.