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Fox and Hounds Restaurant: A Complete Guide and Review

First opening its doors in 1933, Fox and hounds has served celebrities and locals alike. In its eighty years, the restaurant has been awarded countless accolades, including being voted the 2018 “top fine dining restaurant” by Journal Sentinel. With an ever-evolving menu full of classics and modern renditions, Fox and Hounds is one of the can’t miss restaurants along highway 83. As a limo driver, I’ve escorted many couples and families to the restaurant. Fox and Hounds serves as a phenomenal dining experience for any special occasion. For a closer look, it’s time to breakdown exactly what makes this restaurant a living legend.

The Atmosphere

While the restaurant first opened in 1933, the Fox and Hounds cabin was built far earlier. The land was originally settled by the first clerk of Washington County. He built a small, one-room cabin centered within the dense woods of the Northern Kettle Moraine. After nearly ninety years, the cabin and property was purchased by Ray Wolf. As an avid horseman, he quickly built a basement tavern made available to other equestrians. The restaurant came a couple years later and the “Fox and Hounds” name was an easy pick, since the bar had built up a reputation as the home base for many fox hunts.

It’s important to discuss the history of the Fox and Hound because it’s ingrained into every aspect of the restaurant from the moment you drive onto the grounds to the moment you pay the bill. Their website states that you are “invited to relive… wonderful memories of time spent at the historic Fox & Hounds”. This dedication to the restaurant’s history is one of the reasons this is an incredible dining experience that everyone should enjoy.


With a full bar and live music, Fox and Hounds is built for late night date nights. The tavern bartenders are exceptionally skilled, so feel free to order any cocktail you can dream of. Plus, the bar is stocked with great liquors that have been hand selected by the management team. I highly recommend a dark ’N’ stormy with Goslings Black Seal Rum or a classic old fashioned with Johnnie Walker Blue Label. If you want to take a drink you order at the restaurant down to the bar below, you’ll have no problems. There’s a full bar in the music room as well, so snag another drink while you’re down there.

Appetizers and Salads

If you stop in at Fox and Hounds, do not leave until you try the Bourbon Glazed Bacon Wrapped Shrimp. This dish is out of this world good. It comes with six jumbo shrimp that have been individually wrapped with thick bacon and baked. It’s then dressed with a in house Bourbon glaze that is to die for. The mix of savory and sweet, with just a kick of spice, will taunt your tastebuds. Just make sure you order two servings of the shrimp if you’re hungry. As you’ll miss the dish the second it’s gone. Some other standouts on the menu include the Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Mozzarella Marinara, and Shredded Haystack (Thinly sliced onions that have been dredged in a secret assortment of spices. Served with a creamy Southwestern dipping sauce). If you’re looking for a mixture of items, I highly recommend the Fox’s Feast, which gives you an assortment of appetizers, and serves between six to nine people. It’s a great bang for your buck option that lets you really explore the menu.

Brunch Entrees

There are so many great items available at Fox and Hounds that the rest of this article should truly be dedicated to writing out the entire menu. Alas, I will hold myself back. For the dinner menu, there are a few absolute stand out options. The Fresh Vegetable Pasta Sauce is gorgeous in presentation and delicious in execution. Mixed with broccoli, red onion, carrots, and so much more. The dish is a wonderful option for someone wanting something bright and flavorful. The Stuffed Chicken Florentine is also particularly inspired. Filled with fresh spinach, mozzarella, and feta cheese, the dish is nothing if not rich. On the other end, the Smothered Baby Back Ribs will knock your socks all the way to Oconomowoc.

Dinner Entrees

As good as Fox and Hounds is for dinner, they might be even better at brunch. It’s a real tossup. Their best option is the brunch buffet that happens only on Sundays. With an array of tasty items, your plate will never be empty. The buffet is stock full of scrambled eggs, egg strata, baked ham, Asian chicken with peanut sauce… the list can truly go on and on. If you don’t find an item you’re looking for, the kitchen may just be able to make something work. The staff is so kind and friendly, they truly make every Sunday brunch the absolute best experience.

Final Thoughts

Fox and Hounds is a terrific restaurant that is built on tradition. With a strong history of delicious food, fun ambience, and killer music, the restaurant is a staple of Wisconsin. After being open for over seventy-seven years, you might think that the restaurant would start to slow down. That is just not the case. Everyone from the waiters to managers to chefs is working as hard as they can to deliver an exceptional experience. Whether you’re visiting or a local, make sure you hop on over to Fox and Hounds right off of Highway 83.